Born in Houston, Texas. My family has lived in League City, Texas for over 70 years. I came from a family of artists. My sister, mother, father, and grandmother were/are artists. I decided at the age of 7 to become an artist, and I’ve been working to that goal ever since. Unlike my family I am the first to do art professionally. My mother and grandmother noticed I had talent and enrolled me in after-school art programs beginning in grade 2.

I loved making art, painting and drawing were my absolute favorites. I had no idea there was a VAST world of media out there to explore. As soon as I discovered ceramics and print-making I was in love. Attended Clear Creek High School in 1995 where my art teachers inspired me to open up even more and submit works to competitions. After a few projects in High School I began my career as a mural artist. In 1998 after high school I attended San Jacinto Junior College. I did murals for local coffee shops, bookstores, day spas, the St. Regis hotel (Houston), and San Jacinto Junior College South campus (collaborative). In 2000 I transferred to the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Where I discovered a passion for ceramics, sculpture, and print-making.

I was selected in 2002 for the foreign exchange program to exchange to Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico. This experience changed my life. Mexico was one of the best times of my life, I had never been in a culture that revered art and artists as a sacred part of society. I made connections there and learned so much about myself that have infinitely positive consequences. After Mexico I began my career in the real world. My plan has always been to become a graphic designer by day, artist by night; satisfying my need for stability, and my passion for art as a creative outlet.

I am a working artist and graphic designer. I specialize in print design, ceramics, painting, and drawing.